When traveling most people want to take the scenic route. They can see some of the best sites this world has to offer. These are the top 7 most scenic routes to take when going on a road trip.

1. Oversea Highway in Florida, USA

Around 125 miles of this highway is over the sea. Passengers will go over the Florida Keys and this is the road that makes it possible to get to each island. This is a very scenic and beautiful tip over the clear blue ocean water.

2. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan, and China

This highway connects these countries. It used to be part of the silk road so there is a lot of history. This route also goes through the Himalayas making it a scenic journey.

3. Valley of Fire in Nevada, USA

This road is like taking a trip to space. The road passes through red sandstone in rugged formations. There is something to see and this dessert is like no other place on earth.

4. Panorama Route in South Africa

This route has some great canyons and there are natural wonders of this country. The Blyde River Canyon is the third-largest in the world and is located on this highway. There is also lush wilderness making it a sight to see especially in Africa.

5. Tioga Road in California, USA

This road travels through the Yosemite region and it intersects where the Yosemite Valley meets Mono Lake. Travelers can see many mountain peaks that reach up to the sky. There are also glacial lakes like nowhere else.

6. Tianmen Mountain Road in China

This road is called the Heavens Gate Mountains. It is one of the best roads to travel even though it is only 7 miles long,

Many go just to seek the peaks. The road is built on the ride of this mountain and it is a little windy but once at the top, it is worth the view.

7. The Atlantic Road in Norway

This road is right on the ocean. There is a lot to screen. A person can see the culture of the area too as they drive by the villages and the fjords. The view is the reason why most people travel this road.

These are some of the best scenic roads in the world. These roads offer some of the best views and will allow a person to enjoy their trip.