Great journeys are not planned; they are made. Take a look at these Awesome Tips That Add Fun To Your Trip.

#1. Get a travel guide and read it before you travel, so you are familiar with the places you will be visiting. This will allow you to form ideas of how your adventure is going to take shape.

#2. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date you leave on your trip since some countries require that your passport have a minimum validity of six months after leaving their borders.

#3. Book your flights, lodging, and transportation in advance. You can save money on everything if you book early enough.

#4. Get travel insurance to protect your finances from any potential problems that may come up while away from home. This is especially important for longer trips where there is more time to have some kind of accident or mishap.

#5. Make sure the safety deposit box at your hotel room safe is big enough for all your valuables.

#6. While it might not happen all the time, it is always best to carry at least one of the following: a pocket knife, small flashlight, and compass in your purse/backpack.

#7. If possible, study the currency conversion rate between your home country and where you will be traveling.

#8. Always keep copies of important travel documents (flight itinerary, driver’s license copy with picture ID, etc.) somewhere other than where you will be traveling with them most often.

#9. When traveling by train or bus (or anywhere else for that matter), always have a bit of emergency cash with you if you get stuck at some point and need to use public transportation.

#10. Always carry an extra pair of underwear/socks/undergarments in your purse/backpack just in case the machine at the hotel wasn’t working properly and you didn’t get new ones after requesting them from housekeeping.

#11. Take advantage of the “local rates” that are usually available at hotels. If you prefer not to carry the extra weight, try finding them online before your trip begins and print them off.

#12. When traveling by train, be sure to know beforehand what train station you will arrive at. This way, if you make a mistake and get off at the wrong one by accident.

#13. When staying in hostels, try taking a picture of your stuff before storing it away because this makes it easier to track down anything that gets misplaced.

#14. If at all possible, avoid driving a rental car in certain countries because it’s better safe than sorry when behind the wheel of a vehicle! Some places are really dangerous to drive around in.

#15. Before you begin your trip, make sure all medications are stored up properly. You don’t want to be sick while traveling during the holiday season.

#16. Consider buying an inflatable neck pillow. They’re compact and can be worn around your neck without needing any extra space. This works well, especially when traveling by bus or airplane, where there may not be enough room for sleeping on your side with a normal pillow.

#17.Don’t forget to bring snacks when you’re traveling! You don’t want to be caught without food when you’re too far from restaurants and snack shops open nearby at odd times.

#18 Last and not least, always carry earplugs or noise-canceling headphones with you wherever you go. They could come in handy if there is too much noise around, making it difficult to sleep or relax while traveling. It’s also helpful if the plane is loud or you need to sleep while in transit.