There are a lot of factors that influence the quality and outcome of photos. And most times, when traveling, there are no “ideal” conditions for taking great photos. However, just because the conditions aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean that you can’t snap better pictures. Here are some expert tips to help you take better shots.

Post description: Taking photos is all part of the fun to document your adventures. Follow these simple ways that will help you get your best travel photos.

1. Take Photographs during Candid Moments

We love to pose for photographs. But they seem more “tourist” and boring at times. Create unique travel photos by taking pictures during candid moments. Such photos have a lot of emotional weight and tell a story.

2. Be Creative

Stop taking the same shots all the time. While ideally, the sun should be behind you, you can create a more interesting photo with the harsh light. You can also shoot into the sun or use a high aperture to create interesting effects.

3. Consider the Focal Points

If you want people to notice a specific part of the picture, have that part sharp and in focus and the other parts blurry. This tip is important if you want to isolate people or animals in a crowd. You can start by using your camera’s portrait mode.

4. Keep Your Camera Steady

When taking photos, ensure that the camera is still. Try holding it using both your hands. You may also consider investing in a portable travel tripod.

5. Get More Intimate with the Photos

Great pictures are those that the photographer seems to be part of the view. The only way to take engaging and intimate photos is if you’re also intimately involved in them yourself.

6. Think of the Sun

Ideally, the sun should be behind you so that your subject is well lit. If it’s behind your subject, the image will probably be dark and poorly lit. So, use the sun’s help to light your image.

7. Follow the Rule of Thirds

This requires you to break the image into three equal parts either horizontally, vertically, or both. Then, place the most essential composition elements into these thirds. You can find the grid setting on your device. Once you enable the preview screen, you will see four lines, two vertical and two horizontal. Then position your subjects and surrounding elements on these lines and intersection points.

8. Get Closer to the Subject

When you take a picture closer to the subject, it will show more details than a photo taken at a distance. You can walk close to the subject to get a perfect view of it. Or zoom it in and get a closer shot.

9. Think before You Shoot

Don’t just take your camera and snap. Think for a second about the surroundings and anything exciting that is happening around you. This will help you get better photos.

10. Use Color

Opposite colors work together to complement each other. You don’t need to balance them evenly in all images. You can have one at a higher percentage than the other. So look out for contrasting and complementing colors that you can include in your pictures.


Taking great travel photos isn’t difficult. So next time you are traveling, use these tips to capture some interesting shots.