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Are you craving to start traveling? Are you dying to see the magnificent sights that you always see or photos or watch on television? Or have you been wanting to start road-tripping and wondered where to start? This is the right website for you. We build this website to share our knowledge and wisdom, along with that of people we have come across, to make the traveling life of both the Novus and expert travelers easier and exciting.

Personally, I had never thought of road-tripping as a way of life until I once went on a short road trip with my friends. After the great experience, I started considering taking up the lifestyle. One day, I decided to dip my feet into the waters. Being single and with no kids made the decision all the easier for me. I borrowed one of my friend’s RVs to go on a road trip around Oregon. Since then, I have never rescinded my decision and have been road-tripping for the last ten years. I would recommend this to anyone who feels fatigued by the city lifestyle.

A road-tripping lifestyle allows you to travel, discover and learn more about new places as well as the roads that will take you there. Some of the best road trips in the United States include The Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, The Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountain.

A road-tripping lifestyle is always more fun when you travel with family, friends or your loved ones. It allows you to spend quality time together, which is a big plus. A journey always seems shorter when you have good company. It will also make your road trip an unforgettable one for sure!

You can choose to rent a vehicle from the car rental company or purchase one if you will be travelling for an extended period. Road trip across the United States is not complete without having tried and tasted some of their delicacies, such as deep-dish pizza in Chicago, Cajun food in New Orleans, steak and lobster in Maine. And there are so many more!

Other destinations that do not receive enough publicity for road-trippers are Africa, Asia and South America. Having traveled to these destinations, I would also highly recommend them to anyone who loves the thrill of experiencing different cultures, food and terrain. Africa specifically gives you an all-in-one experience where you can travel across modern cities, vast jungles, come across people from many tribes and their cultures, see wildlife, natural phenomenon, and experience life in its raw form.

Testimonials From Road-Trippers

The testimonials from these other road-trippers emphasize the beauty of the road-tripping lifestyle and why you should take it if you are interested.

My advice to everyone reading this? Take that road trip you have been dreaming about taking. Visit the national parks, take a look around and learn what it means to be an American. That is my favorite kind of learning.

– Anita Drew.

The lifestyle of living a road-tripping life will help you learn about yourself and your world. “Life is an endless journey with no destination in sight.”

– Seneca

Road tripping is an adventure in more ways than one. You know that you’re going to get lost but still choose to drive. The roads might be rough and exhausting, but it will only make the journey even more memorable when you finally reach your destination.

– Geoffrey Luck

A road-tripping lifestyle is one of the most amazing experiences that you can have as a traveler. So, if you want to cherish these wonderful moments, why don’t you start planning for them right now? Also, check out some of our articles and latest newsletters to learn more about this exciting lifestyle.