15 Simple Backpacking Tips You Should Know


Keep your health a priority. If you are under any medication or suffer from any chronic illness, pack your meds. Additionally, have medication that can tackle any sickness like flue, stomach upsets, headaches, and pain killers. This will go well with some essentials from the first aid kit. You don’t need the whole kit, select some essentials and bring them with you.

Never pack a whole wardrobe

Everyone wants to wear their best casual nice clothes and shoes. But this is a trip, you cannot carry everything. You have limited space to pack different things so, go for simplicity. Versatile clothes that work with anything are best. Say jeans, basic tops and black clothing will be good severally and for different occasions.

Pack some plastic bags

Plastics bags will help in storing wet clothes like towels. This way, you will separate the wet or dirty clothes from clean ones while traveling. Furthermore, they can be used for other purposes and occupy less space.


In this error, you can download offline maps. These maps will be accessible to you even without a Wi-Fi connection. The fear of getting lost in the city or woods is not there. Downloaded maps take space on your phone. If you have to carry a physical map, laminate the map to avoid damage.

Layout your gear before you pack it

This involves arranging things you need, really want, and the additions. You can eliminate those that make your bag heavy and are not that important.

Organize your stuff the way it fits you

Arranging things the way that makes sense to you will enable easy access and separation.

Extra space

Having extra space does not mean you need to pack more stuff. Provided you have all the necessities, the aim is to keep the bag as light as possible.

Check the weather before you go

Knowing the kind of weather to expect will help you pack the right clothes, the food to carry, and the kind of activities to involve in.

Ask locals for suggestions

Ask for some information from the people around. They will help you with ideas of what you need to carry while moving around that lace.

Roll up your clothes while packing

Rolling up your clothes saves packing space. It also keeps them compact and wrinkle-free. Saving packing space is important because you have a lot to carry and not just clothes.

Waterproof your backpack

Consider carrying a simple rain cover for your pack or simply waterproof the whole thing. It will ensure your staff is safe from getting during rainy days.

Use ABC rule to pack- accessibility, balance, comprehensive, dry, and everything inside.

Pack personal essentials

Have a budget of what you are going to spend

Do a practice packing